Inshore Fishing

You won't fish the North Carolina coastal river systems long before you will hear about an “inshore slam.”

It is perhaps the most sought-after result for any day fishing the shallow brackish waters in the greater Pamlico River system. An inshore slam means catching a speckled trout, a flounder and a redfish in the same day, and this trip offers the chance to not only complete the slam, but also to add striped bass to the mix.

The mixed bag trip is best in the fall, particularly October through November, and it fittingly offers a chance to target all four species in multiple ways. It's a great way for even experienced anglers to catch some of the state's most prized fish with new techniques.

For many, that means experiencing the thrill of catching fish on top water lures on trips that usually visit the Pamlico and Pungo rivers. No matter the tactics, one lure or bait can very often catch all four species in the right conditions and locations, and a veteran guide is usually the difference in catching fish and not.

All tackle is provided, and in addition to the experience of the adventure and the fishing, anglers can expect spectacular views of the Pamlico and its resident wildlife – eagles, ospreys and hawks soaring overhead or diving into the water for fish; ducks and other waterfowl flying in formation or cruising through the fields of reeds; cranes and herons stalking the edges of the marshes and creeks; and deer, otters and beavers sharing the shorelines and shallows.

For the rare opportunity to possibly catch four of North Carolina's most prized coastal predators in a single outing, contact Carolina Backcountry Guide Service at (907) 575-6428, email or visit

License Info:

All guests are required to have a valid North Carolina Coastal and Freshwater Fishing License. When fishing the coastal areas, we are constantly traveling between Inland and Coast water searching for the best bite thus requiring both licenses. Click on the link below to purchase licenses.


  • Speckled Trout: Guests are welcome to keep 4 trout per angler, all fish must meet the minimum length requirement of 14 inches.
  • Red Drum: Guests are welcome to keep 1 Red Drum per angler, between the lengths of 18-27 inches.
  • Striped Bass: The retention of Striped Bass is closed in all waters fished.
  • Flounder: All Flounder are subject to catch and release only except during the September season from the 1st thru the 14th, all fish must meet the minimum length requirement of 15 inches and the limit is 4 fish per day.

When wanting to keep the fish please make sure that you bring a cooler suitable for whole fish transportation. The guide WILL NOT clean the fish due to regulations. So please only keep what you want to clean.

Trip Rates:

We offer both full and half day fishing trips. Half day trips are available with both AM and PM start times. AM trips will meet at 6:30 AM and all PM will meet at 1PM. Half day trips are approximately 5hr and Full day trips are 8hr.

Half Day Fishing: $500.00
Full Day Fishing: $700.00
(Pricing is for the boat not a per person rate)
(Fly Fishing Max 2 Anglers)
(Conventional Fishing Max 3 Anglers)

Deposits & Cancelation:

All trips require a $150 dollar deposit to reserve your date the remaining balance must be paid within 7 days of the trip. Due to Covid and the ever-changing regulations all deposits are refundable up to 7 days prior to the trip, no questions asked. All cancelations within 7 days of your trip the deposit will be forfeited or may be applied to a future trip. All weather cancelations will be left solely to the discretion of the Capt.

What To Bring on Your Trip:

Each client will be responsible for their sunscreen, food, snacks, and non-water beverages during the day. There is plenty of room in the boat and clients are welcome to bring a small cooler with them. Same goes with spare clothes, the morning can be a bit chill especially on a longer run light jackets or wind breakers are advised.

What We Provide:

We provide all our clients with quality rods and reels along with all lures and tackle. We also provide each client with a high-end low-profile self-inflating PFD. Each boat will have bottled water available to every client.

We Provide Fishing Charter Guide Services along these rivers of North Carolina and Alaska: