Summer Drift Fishing

Summer Drift Fishing - Tar River

Summer Drift Fishing - Tar River Bluegill Summer on the upper Tar and Roanoke rivers in Eastern North Carolina offers an almost completely different version of the coastal river systems than the cold-weather months. Fishing opportunities, and fish, are abundant when the water clears, warms up and drops down to its lowest levels of the year, exposing the river’s thousands of sand bars that begin to sprout stands of tall grass as the summer months progress.

The ancient trees draped in Spanish moss hanging over the banks are at their greenest and lushest when the water is low during the summer months, and wildlife and waterfowl are as visible as ever along the river that is, at this time of the year, teeming with life both in and out of the water.

This is a great time to find good numbers and sizes of bluegill, largemouth bass, crappie and other year-round river species. Summer trips are available on the upper Tar and Roanoke and their tributaries from June through September, and multiple methods and tactics can be used to catch them, including conventional light tackle, ultralight and fly fishing.

The most unique among the warm-weather opportunities is a drift boat trip, which allows anglers to take advantage of the slower currents and take the noise of a motor starting and stopping completely out of the equation. A drift fishing trip means hitting the river at a great time for targeting multiple species while fishing with only the birds and insects of North Carolina summertime as the soundtrack.

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Deposits & Cancelations:

All trips require a $150 dollar deposit to reserve your date the remaining balance must be paid within 7 days of the trip. Due to Covid and the ever-changing regulations all deposits are refundable up to 7 days prior to the trip, no questions asked. All cancelations within 7 days of your trip the deposit will be forfeited or may be applied to a future trip. All weather cancelations will be left solely to the discretion of the Capt.

What To Bring On Your Trip:

Each client will be responsible for their sunscreen, food, snacks, and non-water beverages during the day. There is plenty of room in the boat and clients are welcome to bring a small cooler with them. Same goes with spare clothes, the morning can be a bit chill especially on a longer run light jackets or wind breakers are advised.

What We Provide:

We provide all of our clients with quality rods and reels along with all lures and tackle. We also provide each client with a high-end low-profile self inflating PFD. Each boat will have bottled water available to every client.


We offer 4- and 6-hour floats. Our 4hr trips we typically use the same launch we motor up and drift back to the ramp. On our 6hr floats we will typically do about 6 miles and drift from one ramp to the other.

4hr floats: $300
6hr floats: $400
(max 2 anglers)

All Clients Are Required To Have A Valid North Carolina Inland Fishing License. Click Here To Purchase A North Carolina Inland Fishing License.


Wade Fishing

If wade fishing is your thing the Tar and its tributaries offer abundant opportunities. With it's long shallow flats and deep narrow channels the Tar River can be a wade fisherman's dream allowing them to get well within comfortable casting distances of fish. Wading in some of the tributaries is one of the most amazing settings to find yourself fishing in eastern North Carolina. It's like stepping into another universe dominated by the sounds of running water, birds, the wind in the trees, and of course drags singing as you fight fish.

The Drift Boat Experience

There is something to be said for floating a river without a motor solely under power of the oars and the river's current. It's a rather unique way to experience our rivers here in eastern North Carolina and the shallow draft of the drift boat allows us to access areas others rarely go. The relatively silent operation of the boat allows us to see and hear all types of wildlife that would otherwise would have left the area had we been in a powerboat. Not to mention we often sneak right up on the fish allowing for the opportunity to sight fish.

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