Tar/Roanoke River Shad

Tar/Roanoke River Shad The annual shad run in eastern North Carolina is ingrained in the state's history and culture, and the Tar River still boasts one of the best white/American shad runs anywhere. But it also offers an impressive annual migration of hickory shad, creating countless opportunities to catch one of North Carolina's true natural treasures.

Not surprisingly, the prime shad fishing time coincides with the yearly striped bass run in the coastal rivers, with shad being most prominent from March 1 through April 10. On the neighboring Roanoke River to the north, there is little to no run of white/American shad but a hickory shad run so prolific that 100-fish days can be commonplace for anglers in the peak season.

Carolina Backcountry Guide Service knows where and when to find the fish on their traditional breeding grounds for just those kinds of results on both rivers. A boat made for the rivers and creeks means finding and landing shad in comfort and with gear perfected to the point that every battle with every fish is maximized.

Fishing the Tar's shad run can often mean less boat traffic and fishing pressure and a quieter, more secluded experience than on the Roanoke.

Sought for their flavor on the table as well as the battle they wage on the end of the line, numerous techniques with light tackle and even trolling are employed to catch the fish. The warming weather this time of year means fishing amid the bloom of spring and very often witnessing the re-emergence of local wildlife.

The rivers are home to bald eagles, hawks, ospreys and other large birds who hunt the water as much as the land for sustenance. Also relying on the river's treasures to survive are wading birds, ducks and other waterfowl, deer, beavers, otters and countless other animals.

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